• What is ORRO?

    ORRO is the ultimate boutique fitness and self-care platform, featuring live and on-demand classes from the top instructors and methods worldwide. Curated by founders Elizabeth Endres and Dale Borchiver of Sweats & The City, each class has been hand selected to provide the ultimate boutique class experience we all know and love – which you can do from anywhere, anytime. Think: yoga, Pilates, sculpt, meditation, sound baths and so much more. ORRO is your new fitness + self-care BFF that’ll keep you motivated, moving and feeling like the best version of you.

  • What does an ORRO membership include?

    ORRO members have unlimited access to a variety of 25+ live classes per month, as well as an extensive on-demand library. Classes range from 10 minutes to a full hour, and cover a wide range of movement types and self-care practices. As a member, you’ll also get early access to upcoming IRL ORRO events.

  • Is there an app?

    Yes, we have apps for both iPhone and Android, which can be downloaded here. Your desktop log-in will also work on the app.

  • How much is ORRO?

    We have two offerings: $19/month or $199/year. This includes a 7-day free trial, and your paid subscription will begin after the first 7 days.

  • How does ORRO differ from Sweat with Sweats?

    When creating ORRO, we essentially compiled all the requests for improvement we received over the last year and made them a reality. ORRO provides subscribers with a much better, easier-to-use interface, higher quality video, on demand search and filtering options, both iPhone and Android apps, and so much more. We’ve put a ton of time and effort into this rebrand, and truly hope that our SWS family is as obsessed with the upgrade as we are!

  • What equipment do I need?

    All classes can be done equipment-free! That said, many classes have optional suggested equipment, which will always be listed in the class description so that you can come prepared. The most frequently used pieces of equipment are light ankle/wrist weights and a yoga mat.

  • Does my membership automatically renew?

    Yes, subscriptions auto-renew unless cancelled. Subscriptions must be cancelled before the renewal period starts.

  • How do I access ORRO?

    ORRO can be used on your desktop, iPhone and/or Android.

  • How can I cancel my membership?

    You can always click here to cancel your membership at any time. 

  • Can I get a refund?

    Since our subscription is an all-access membership, we do not offer refunds. If you have any questions about your subscription billing, please contact us at hello@orroapp.com.

  • How do I become an instructor on ORRO?

    We are always looking for new talent! Please submit your application here.

  • How do I become an ambassador for ORRO?

    Similarly to our instructors, we absolutely love growing our ambassador family. You can apply here.