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    Access to 25+ new live classes per month.
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    A customized, intentional weekly schedule curated by Sweats & The City co-founders Elizabeth Endres and Dale Borchiver.
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    Fitness and self care all in one place — every instructor, method and healer is highly vetted and hand selected.
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    Unlimited on-demand library access so you can workout on-the-go and eliminate excuses.
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    Early access to upcoming IRL ORRO events.
What They're Saying
  • “I can’t even begin to explain how great of a change it is to feel like I’m in live/ normal classes again and to have variety! Didn’t realize how much I missed it until today. Thank you so much for creating the platform!”

    — REVI, A
  • “Not only is your ORRO platform the only decently priced one that I have signed up for, but you both have an amazing talent for spotting talent. The mix of workouts and the high quality of instructors that you offer are unparalleled to anything I've experienced so far. I actually get PUMPED to try new workouts every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

    — Sabrina G
  • “I wanted to let you know how much of an impact your new workout platform has had on my mental health. I became pretty burnt out by November, which wasn’t awesome for my mental health. For the past two weeks, I’m so excited to wake up, see what’s On Demand, see what’s happening this week, do a group class, suggest new instructors, etc. It’s been so reinvigorating. What makes you different is the group classes, the carefully picked instructors, the community, and putting it all in one extremely accessible place."

    — Sydney O
  • “For yearrrrrs I’d been heavy weightlifting plus hours of cardio every day which led to me also becoming anorexic/addicted to exercise/other health issues. After beginning recovery I jumped right back into the intensive exercise and lately had been feeling so drained and not excited about working out. A few weeks ago your stories inspired me and I joined ORRO and have since gone cold turkey into low impact exercise and I have to say I feel SO good and I am loving the energy and community that the platform brings.”

    — Emily B